torsdag 1 september 2016


Issued just six months after their big European breakthrough "Kimono My House" (see earlier post). I really liked that brazen mix of highly commercial glam rock and odd arty twists topped with intelligent lyrics. Lots of fun all the way. This has more from the same place. Insightful comments on both oridnary life swings and less common scenarios, carried by catchy melodies. The lyrics are so filled with duplicity and word play it'll take many listens to reveal (thank God for the enclosed lyrics), but even if you don't there's enough good music to make it meaningful anyway. In comparison to KMH a little harder and somewhat more complicated, but it's the same irrestistable blend of high and low - shamelessly put together with a sound that still today remains unparalleled. Favorite tracks - "At Home, At Work, At Play", "Something For The One With Everything" and "Bon Voyage". US first had same tracking, number and cover design. 1994 remastered CD (IMCD 199) came with two B-sides as bonus tracks. The copy shown here is with all certainty a UK export for Scandinavia. UK label type with "NCB." in frame, A -1K/B-1K matixes and stickered, fully laminated "Robor Limited" cover with picture/lyric inner. (ÖXÄP*)

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