onsdag 28 september 2016


My first aquaintance with the band was through the second LP "Collections" (see earlier post). I wasn't all in on that. A sort of white soul album reaching for black soul feeling and quality but without throwing off the white man's shackles. Not bad yet for a fan of Motown, Stax and Atlantic soul more copying than getting there. This debute however is something else. Filled with ranunchy r&b uptempo and ballads, all having a true garage quality. The vocals are sincere and playing right on. I get the feeling this is honest - the guys doing what they like without prejudice. One might trace inspiration from UK bands like Pretty Things, Them or Kinks, but I rather see it as part of a common trend as it's personal and not copying any of those acts. Good stuff and the entire album has become a favorite in very short time. Especially the "Slow Down" cover , the self-penned "Do You Feel It" and "Good Lovin". First UK on Atlantic (587/588012). Early US stereo had label as shown here and glossy sleeve. (YZÄ*)

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