onsdag 7 september 2016


Compilation of six 45 A-sides and four B-sides from the band's first RCA years 1971-72, some previously non-LP. All of them topping lists in a number of European countries and a couple in South Africa, while "Little Willy" was their only early US success reaching #3 on Billboard. I do like some of the band's more hard rock oriented singles from 1973 and on, with the combination of catchy melodies and high-pitch vocals in a kind of a crude atmosphere, but this early period bubblegum-pop style always seemed a little too cute for me at the time. So the record has stayed unplayed in my collection for ages and this may be the first time I give it a full spin in at least thirty years, now listening with more mature ears. And it's not entirely as I remembered. "Poppa Joe", "Co-Co" and "Funny Funny" remains a little too sugary for my stomach, but a couple of the others have enough zest to make it worthwhile. "Done Me Wrong Alright" very raw hard rock, "Flashlight" has some good howling guitars and both "You're Not Wrong For Loving Me" and "Jeanie" includes structures and vocal arrangements that strongly reminds of much later Queen efforts. Could it be Queen actually had some inspiration from Sweet??? Anyway all together it's turned out to be a pretty likable album and I'm glad I gave it a second chance. Issued on RCA vinyl in most European countries and downunder. German 1992 CD on RCA/BMG (74321 10630) included "Tom Tom Turnaround" as bonus track. Frst UK had label as shown here and fully laminated cover.

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