lördag 10 september 2016


German sampler carrying numbers from some of the best American rock albums of the late sixties. Maybe not the rarest period recordings, but put together this way very high class with no need to jump tracks. It can be seen as a kind of homage to Al Kooper since his face is on the labels, cover has the torch detail from his first solo album and he's connected to four of the ten cuts. Besides "59th Street Bridge Song" from "Live Adventures..." and title song from "I Stand Alone" he was also producer to Don Ellis "Autumn" album where "Scratt And Fluggs" was picked from and even if he by then was out of BS&T he was the founder of the band which is a connection as good as any. Audio is top notch - loud and clear - and the packing beautiful with multi-colored vinyl in a die-cut psych cover. A feast for both eyes and ears. To my knowledge this was the only original release and it's never been reissued in any form. (SÄM*) (GÖXÄ*) (ÄLCÖ*)

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