söndag 25 september 2016


Her fourth UK album, recorded at a time when she'd just signed for Atlantic in US thus having different labels on each side of the pond. The Americans wasn't keen on releasing another British made tape and instead brought her over to make the "Dusty In Memphis" album, which was sessioned at the same time this had release in Europe and in the shops just five months later. So in a way these two are corresponding albums, each reflecting their place of origin - UK ballads/pop/r&b vs. US soul music. In comparison it seems most hold "Dusty In Memphis" higher, but why choose? If you love her you need this too. Co-produced by Joseph Franz and Dusty herself, who also picked the songs. Some of the arrangements and bass by John Paul Jones, then on the brink of joining Led Zeppelin. The record seems to be divided into two sections - side one with larger part uptempo and side two consisting of slow movers. One for the evening party and one for night time cuddling. She could never be bad, but for this I prefer the slow side where her soft sleepy voice is nicely embedded in orchestral arrangements, revealing sadness but also hope - a kind of uplifting gloom. Favorite tracks - "I Think It's Gonna Rain Today" and "Second Time Around". As far as I can find out only originally released in UK and Australia (Philips PDS-307). Nine of the tracks were included on the 1999 US 24 cut CD "Dusty In London - Lost British Recordings" (Rhino Records R2 75581). UK 2001 CD (Mercury 538232-2) came with four bonus tracks. Premiere UK had label as shown here and laminated cover. (FÄV*)(TÖZ*)

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