tisdag 13 september 2016


After collecting for many years one of the things I find most rewarding is detecting classic albums on odd labels and/or with unusual cover features. When it comes to Beatles I'd love to get some of the rarer export pressings on Parlophone or Odeon, but they don't show up very often and when they do the price is always way too much for my wallet. Luckily many Beatles albums were pressed and printed in a large number of countries, some with divergent designs or alternate tracking. So if you instead of looking for the obvious try stuff made outside the common markets there are sometimes gems waiting for a fraction of the price paid for more renowned UK or US originals. Like this South African first press with a beautiful green Parlophone label on heavy vinyl in a laminated flip/back cover. Matrix numbers are stamped with UK style fonts - YEX 715/YEX 716 - without the order digit, but the name J. ALLARD hand etched on side one. The audio is absolutely beautiful - big, strong, yet clear and natural. So counting looks, feel and audio I couldn't ask for more. A keeper for sure. (BÄ*) (PÖX*)

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