tisdag 12 juli 2016


Collection consisting of album tracks - four from his first and five from the second - coupled with two B-sides and one A-side previously non-LP. Even though I wish they'd added a couple more odd 45 cuts to make it full pot for the Cocker collector set on early pressings it's still a killer as it is. Not one bad or even mediocre cut - all heartfelt, fullfilling and catchy, carried by that beautiful voice. No need to jump tracks on this one, every single song grabs hard, showing on the all over high quality for his recordings in those early years. "The Letter" has the original mono mix, the rest true stereo and the audio is top notch. Hard to choose favorites, but if I have to - "Darling Be Home Soon", "She's So Good To Me" and "The Letter". Originally issued in most European countries and downunder, some with alternate titles and cover design but same tracking. To my knowledge never released in US. French 1991 CD on Castle Communications (CLACD 238) and Polish 2001 CD as "The Best Of Joe Cocker" on Accord Song (RC 83151). Premiere UK had label as shown here and laminated fold/out cover. (MÖRS*) (FXÖ*) (JÖC*)

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  1. I don't believe I've ever seen a Joe Cocker album cover that didn't make me want to claw out my eyes (and this is no exception). Has any other artist ever had so much lousy album cover art?

    1. I agree overall he wasn't the most blessed when it came to cover pics. But this I kinda like, especially the flip side images showing happy Cocker. It's fresh.