söndag 3 juli 2016


There's a lot you can say about this unit. Following is my short version. Swedish underground band existing between 1978 and 1995, during which time they were known for bad behaviour and impudent performances, following the motto - "Every compromise is prostitution". Drifting between punk, industrial, goth and parody, without truly grounding in any of those genres the music can best be described as experimental. Clearly inspired by early Velvet Underground, but more developing and carrying the torch than copying. Even if some of their issues had a commercial potential the band's collective attitude and hard-core stage shows - including strippers, screening gay porn movies and selling condoms - effectively deterred a bigger breakthrough. Though popular in the club circuit on both sides of the Atlantic, favoured by MC gangs and getting air play by John Peel and on US college radio the record sales stayed low and while recording this album the label went bankrupt. Since there were little or non advertizing made for it and hardly any distribution the band was out of founds and it became their last original release. They continued to play live on occations for some time till the final break-up a couple of years later. Sad in a way. What became their last album could, all other things aside, have been at least a small breakthrough if the label had managed. As produced by Mick Ronson (1946-93), who also contributed guitars and background vocals, it's by far their most even and elaborated rock effort. The VU nerve remains but the outcome sounds more like a blend of Lou Reed solo and Tin Machine. Maybe less dangerous than some of the earlier stuff yet with an all over dark atmosphere making it special. Favorite tracks - "Take Me Home" up-tempo with nagging guitars and Bowie-ish background quires plus the hard country rocker "Big City". Also issued on vinyl in Germany (RTD 157.1246.1). Swedish CD on Wire (WRCD 018). Premiere vinyl had label as shown here and glossy stickered cover with picture/credit inner. (SCÄ*) (CCÖ*)

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