måndag 18 juli 2016


Big fan of about everything they did in the sixties, but after "Hollies Sing Hollies" I lost interest for a long time and it's only lately I've started to collect the posterior albums. Listening to them today from an older perspective puts me between hope and dispair. "Distant Light" was quite ok while the Mikael Rickfors period "Romany" and "Out On The Road" didn't do it for me. On their 1974 self-titled LP Alan Clarke was back, but the result wasn't a lot better to my ears. One great hit song - "The Air That I Breathe" - mostly surrounded by fillers. So I didn't have high expectations for this when I found it in a used bin a while ago, but after a couple of days close listening I'm convinced. A very good album and qualitywise a worthy follow-up to HSH. All songs but one - "4th Of July Asbury Park (Sandy)", by the then young unknown artist Bruce Springsteen - self penned. Recorded in Abbey Road studios, produced by Ron Richards and engineered by Alan Parsons. There's some orchestration and occational Parson moog, but not overdone in any way. Very confident by a band that obviously got it together. No self-evident hits, still good listening all through. Audio on this 1st UK press is perfect - very loud yet clear and natural with top separation. Favorite tracks - "Lonely Hobo Lullaby" and "Lucy". First US on Epic (PE 33387). 2008 EU CD on EMI/Electrola came with seven bonus tracks. Premiere UK had label as shown here and matt fold/out cover. (HÖLY*)

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