söndag 24 juli 2016


Blues sampler compiled by UK radio man and jack-of-all-trades Mike Raven (born Churton Fairman 1924-97). During his time as DJ for various pirate radio stations he did a lot to spread knowledge on the traditional black American blues among European listeners. This issue was an answer to requests from the growing fan base for the genre in UK. I never get tired of finding and/or learning about origins for the music I grew up with and still keep close to my heart and there are a couple of interesting originals on this. Beatles recorded "Matchbox" as a Carl Perkins original, but his was actually a reworked cover of the much older Blind Lemon Jefferson's "Match Box Blues", which in its turn built on a section of the Ma Rainy song "Lost Wandering Blues". On here is the BLJ version. You also get the original recording of one of the most covered numbers in history - Gus Cannon's Jug Stompers "Walk Right In". Another much covered song as r&b and white blues is "See See Rider". Originally a traditional tune first recorded by Ma Rainy as "See See Rider Blues", here's a somewhat later Leadbelly version. One of my favorites from Cream's debute album is the cool "From Four Until Late", on this I get Robert Johnson's original make from 1937. The audio shifts a little, but over all surprisingly good concerning the primitive circumstances for some of the recordings. So enjoyable listening not only for us deep into history, but all concerned music lovers. To my knowledge this was the only issue. It came with label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (SÄM*)

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