onsdag 6 juli 2016


For background check post on their debute LP - "Do You Know...The Lollipops". As I recall this eponymous was released just a little later, at the time presented and recieved as their second original album. But it's actually a compilation of previous and contemporary 45 cuts, recorded 1963-65. Today valuable as such for true sixties aficionados and to me, who had and loved many of those singles and EP:s as a kid and here get a chance to reacquaint, it's pure joy. "Little Bad Boy" and "I'll Stay By Your Side" are enjoyable melodic period pieces. The more obvious Beatles pastiches "That's All" and "Look At This Boy" remains catchy. "Lollipops Shake" so intrusive with its annoyingly flat melodic pattern it sticks immediately and then impossible to get rid of. Their version of "All My Loving", though far from the original's quality, cute in childish kind of way. "Lollipops Boogie" as simple as it gets, winsome tempo changes included. Back in -63 they must have been the youngest recording rock band and it's neat hearing the pre-pubertal vocals reaching for rudeness in those early tracks...no problems though hitting the high notes in "Speedy Gonzales". Tons of charm guaranteed and highly recommended to lovers of the period. As far as I know this Swedish was the only original release, but all tracks can be found on the 2-CD compilation "The Complete Lollipops 1963-67" (Rock-In-Beat-Records RB 216). Premiere issue had ridged label as shown here, thick unflexible vinyl and cover consisting of a fold/out sheet in a plastic sleeve. (SCÄ*) (ÖGÄ*) (PÖP*) (CCÖ*)

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