torsdag 21 juli 2016


Never really cared about this stereo version in the past. The US and UK monos both have so much going for them they've been good enough for me last forty years or so (see earlier posts). But now after finding a 1st press UK stereo copy and getting in on it I hear qualities that hasn't occured to me before. It may be because I listen differently nowadays. Then it was all about if the songs came through clear and natural and hit me the right way. Today it's more like examining and enjoying an artefact on its own terms. Not valuing good or bad, but seeing it as a part of history, mirroring the circumstances in which it was made. In comparison to the mono most of the mixes appears rather odd or unnatural - unbalanced or too panned. That could take some of the magic away from the songs, but the combination of strong audio and amazing clarity on this press also allow you to hear the parts better separated, flaunting things not as audible on the mono thus altering the emphasis. While the mono still can be perceived as a kind of strange rock album the stereo sounds more psychedelic to me, making it something else. There was a time when I would have discarded a two-channel like this after first hearing, but now I think it's a lot of fun and even if not up there with the mono, still a necessary complement. Early UK issues had ridged label as shown here, heavy vinyl and laminated cover. (RÅ*)

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