lördag 9 juli 2016


The band's preceding twofer "London Calling" (see earlier post) was a very generous offer, not only because you could get a 2-LP set for the price of one but also for the all over high musical and audiophile quality. A Guy Stevens (1943-81) cultivated masterpiece since counted as one of the true classics. At first glance this self produced "threefer" seems even more charitable, containing thirtysix songs in a brutally designed package with booklet. Highly regarded by many period lovers today and occuring on "best album" lists. I also wanna embrace it and say it's all good, but I can't. Had copies from first release and after giving it full attention in the beginning I now always halt after side one. The important messages differs and there are slight variations in rythms and main genres, but apart from that it's like hearing the same song over and over. Same simple melodic structures, same cellar atmosphere, same vocal attack and backing mode. I need at least some variation and there's not much of that here. OK as deliverer of opinions I guess and a fine mood setter, but it doesn't touch me as a whole. I like the idea and the bounty, the looks and feel of the album, so a keeper it is. But for me not so much for the music. First US on Epic (E3X 37037). Japan 1999 2xCD on Epic (ESCA 7812-13). Premiere UK had label as shown here and matt cover with fold/out booklet.

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