måndag 3 oktober 2016


Flashback to a period in the British sixties, before BBC had embraced the flourishing youth culture to the fullest and pirate radio stations ruled the rockin' air waves. Twenty cuts as transmissioned back then, including jingles and original presentations by pirate DJ:s Ed Stewart and Tony Blackburn. All mono and with an audio probably better than what you got from your radio at the time. This puts me in a very good place. The DJ:s comments and the formidable track choise, consisting of original mixes, together creates a super warm atmosphere making me reminisce and wishing I was there again. Sixties collections often have at least a couple of tracks that don't speak to me, but this is all good and when it fills the air in my appartment I almost feel young again. Can't help thinking of old girlfriends and situations tied to some of the songs...as we were...restless and constantly in love. You can probably find this in the bottom of the cheapest bins for a buck or two. If you're like me and enjoy to think back don't hesitate to pick it up, go for a ride and get a lot of pleasure for almost nothing. Originally a UK release also issued in a couple of other European countries with same tracking and number. First French had label as shown here and imported UK laminated cover. (SÄM*) (MFÄX*)

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