lördag 29 oktober 2016


German budget label 3-LP set with live performances from the Peter Green years - records separtely titled as "Rattlesnake Shake", "Oh Well" and "Madison Blues". Not sure about release date, what concert or concerts were involved or how it corresponds to other period live albums with the group. But listening through makes me totally forget about the missing facts. This is good quality all over. Performance is stunning, shifting between soft numbers and raw blues rock including lots of tophole guitars. Tracklist a combination of their own best songs and covers they never did on studio albums. Everything on it appears direct and untainted as it was and the pressing and audio allow me to be there as part of the audience. Sometimes a little unbalanced and sometimes almost bursting the mikes, but still natural giving a "being there" feeling. Checking the song timeline I guess it also involves some of Green's last performances with the band. So if you attended any Fleetwood Mac gig at the time and want to reminisce or just wish to take part of their action as it was back then, this is a very good alternative. It came with label as shown here and records in a structured black box. (FXÄC*) (GÖXÄ*) (LYBÖ*)

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