söndag 9 oktober 2016


Often called a US version of their eponymous UK Immediate album, but so different I'd rather see it as a separate issue all together. Only counting seven of the UK fourteen numbers and those coupled with five previous non-LP 45 tracks - "Itchycoo Park", "I'm Only Dreaming", "Tin Soldier", "I Feel Much Better" and "Here Come The Nice". The single cuts are re-mixed in stereo while the rest has about the same takes as on the 1st press UK stereo version (I can hear slight alternations between some of the common tracks, but not sure if that comes from re-mixing or just differences in equipment or engraving methods). You may call it butchering and it is in a way with some of the band's original intentions blown off. As accustomed to the UK original I miss some of the left out songs. Still it's so rewarding getting their most classic single cuts on an early LP and not re-channeled as expected, but proficiently mixed with very good audio. So a lot more than just an altered version or revamped original. This stands on its own, well up there with the best UK issues. Originally released in US, Canada and a couple of Southamerican countries. Be aware the US black/white cover issue, having alternate label coloring, is a counterfeit. First legal US had label as shown here and colored glossy cover. (SXÅH*) (YDÄ*) (YZÄ*)

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