onsdag 5 oktober 2016


When you see an LP called "Cometogether" on Apple the mind will wander in a certain direction, no matter the title words are written together instead of separately. But apart from name and label this has nothing to do with The Beatles. A soundtrack to a movie I've never heard of and after reading about it not particularly longing to see either. Apparentlty the plot is about a spaghetti western stuntman who meets two American women in Italy and their following carnal adventures together, all presented in a kind of post-hippie free love atmosphere...or something like that. The score offers four versions of "Love Is Blue", where of one vocal sung by The Dells as a medly mixed with "I Can Sing A Rainbow", Joe South doing his "Games People Play", three versions of "Cometogether" (not the Lennon/McCartney one, this written by S. Cipriani) and a couple more instrumentals. Most of it rather bland orchestrated easy listening, far from exciting. On the positive side - The Dells number is very powerful with top vocals and "Games People Play" is almost always right. Also the audio is fantastic all through with audiophile quality. A must for collectors of Apple and soundtracks I guess, but otherwise nothing special...not to my ears anyway. As far as I know only originally released in US, on vinyl or 8-track, and never reissued in any form. It came with label as shown here and glossy cover. (YZÄ*) (ÄPLÄ*) (ZÖNT*)

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