tisdag 11 oktober 2016


I was a fan in the sixties of his participation in the early Animals and even more the somewhat later solo stuff. His voice, the melodic jazz/blues connection, but also the cozy and friendly atmosphere of the recordings. Into the seventies, as prog and hard rock started to compete for attention, I stopped buying his new albums. Still played and enjoyed the old ones, but for some reason I can't remember imagined for myself that he'd fallen in the then common synth trap which caused the death of so many fine sixties acts as their natural habitat changed from organic to artificial. I needn't have worried. This 1975 LP is very good pop/rock with songwriting, ideas and arrangements almost in a sixties manner. The warm personal vocals are still there and most of the songs melodic and memorable. All cuts self-penned in his own mode, but you can sometimes hear vibes from solo McCartney and George Harrison or Procol Harum. Favorite tracks - the uptempo pop "Papers" - a very catchy tune that no doubt would have been a hit 1968 or so. "Fools Gold" has a long organ intro to an intriguing ballad and "Nobody Can" an eastern theme rocker with tophole guitars. All together a very good album well worth getting in to - especially for us who liked his early days. Originally also released in France, Germany and Australia, but for some reason never issued in US. UK 2000 CD on Edsel (EDCD 660). First UK had label as shown here and matt fold/out cover. (ÄNÄ*)

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