torsdag 13 oktober 2016


An exemple how you can get lots of good music with top audio from one of the best labels for almost nothing. Samplers like this show up regularly in the cheapest bins and some of them are true gems. The one shown here was the second in a serie of four Motown samplers, all released with same tracklist and cover art in a couple of European countries 1969-72, only label designs differed with country of origin. This is the Swedish black/silver version. As with the first in the serie (see earlier post) it's a good mix of list toppers and then less successful trials. All having the same familiar Motown feeling - melodic and positive with lots of energy. Apart from superhits like Edwin Starr "War", Stevie Wonder "Signed, Sealed and Delivered" and The Miracles "Tears Of A Clown", you get today less known top numbers as Originals "The Bells", Spinners "It's A Shame", Supremes last top ten "Stoned Love" and a lot more. It's also fun hearing some early results of The Supremes split - hits from Diana Ross & The Supremes, Supremes without Diana Ross and Diana Ross solo - all in one place. To me enjoyable listening all through, working both as background and for close encounters. So for us Motown fans having a hard time getting all 45:s or LP.s involved this is a highly recommended shortcut. First Swedish had label as shown here and fully laminated fold/out cover. (TÖMÖ*) (SÄM*) (CCÖ*)

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