fredag 7 oktober 2016


Swedish issue of what originally appears to be a French 4-LP box containing albums with some early stuff from Beatles, Who and Cream. However while the French original had first Procol Harum album, this Swedish instead includes their fifth - "Broken Barricades". First thought it was a private swap, but as acknowledged by the track list it's clearly legit. Why they did it I don't know - very confusing. The Cream LP has the original alternative 12 track "Fresh Cream" stereo - including Wrapping Paper" and "Coffee Song" - as issued 1966 in Sweden (see earlier post). The Who LP is one of many collections of tracks recorded 1965-70 having the usual blend of enhanced mono, rechanneling and true stereo. The Beatles LP uses the tapes from the German 1962 Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers "My Bonnie" album with all tracks in true stereo. Finally Procol Harum "Broken Barricades" - as it was. Four good albums put together in a it seems randomly yet having quality pressings with fine audio so if you should miss a couple of them and can get this in ok nick at a fair price - why not? Don't know of any other issues but the French. Swedish had labels as shown here in a hard black box with track list insert. (SÄM*) (BÄ*) (CÄRÄ*) (PRÖX*) (WÖH*) (CCÖ*)

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