torsdag 27 oktober 2016


When I earlier assigned "Aftermath" as the oldest copy in my collection I totally forgot about this. The first charity sampler, issued through UN with major artists donating tracks and all profits from the release serving the good cause. Bought by my parents 1963. They played it a lot and though I was ten and just got interested in pop and rock I sponged it all up and learned to love the songs. Thinking about it now I'm pretty sure it was this record that started my interest for female vocals and in a way also reinforced my love for well written melodies and elaborate arrangements. Regardless of genres or origins there are so many killer songs here. And though it's gone fiftythree years I'm touched - as then by Doris Day "Everlasting Arms" so unbridedly sentimental it can still get my cheeks wet if I'm in that special mood, or Nana Mouskouri "Ximeroni" also affectionate and sung in a way likely to cause goosebumps. Of the male acts I liked Nat King Cole "When You Belong To Me" and Luis Alberto Del Parana "Donde Vas Niño" best. As I remembered my father always chosed Bing Crosby & Louis Armstrong "Lazy River" and Mahalia Jackson "Nobody but You, Lord" while mother prefered Caterina Valente. So it was a family album, something to gather around. Today connected to a bundle of memories of places and people long gone. This was probably the worlds best selling record back then and originals still show up at low prices, most in much better condition than mine. But that's not the same and I will probably hang on to this old tattered copy till I finally join Doris Day in those everlasting arms - . (Eighteen months later...finally found that top copy that will follow me till the end of time. Happy happy!) (SÄM*) (CCÖ*) (GZÅ*)

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