onsdag 27 juli 2016


I've seen this erroneously listed as a compilation at many places on the net, but it's really a second pressing of their first LP, or to be correct - still a first pressing in brand new drag. Made from the exact same matrixes - KALP 1016 A/B - with identical audio, having same thick quality vinyl and ridged label. Only differences would be the title, label fonts and sleeve design. The band had a very young fan base at the time with limited economy so while their singles and EP:s sold a lot the full price first press of the LP didn't do as well and was soon withdrawn. Continuing pressing it as part of a budget serie seems like a good idea in many ways. Most important - even less fortunate kids could afford a copy back then. But also from a modern perspective as the ones sold early on had very fragile sleeves and then mostly treated by children on cheap turntables, making it hard finding a decent copy today. This was pressed in larger quantities with a more durable fully laminated sleeve and when you find an OK copy it'll be to a fraction of a first release price. So If you don't mind the cheapish ad-back cover design and just go for the core it's a good alternative. (SCÄ) (ÖGÄ*) (CCÖ*)

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