måndag 15 december 2014


This is what I wrote when I posted the mono some years ago - "Recorded in Atlantic studios Manhattan, produced by Felix Pappalardi and by many regarded their finest album. Rumour says it was done in about a week and all made almost live, by ear, at a very high volume. The mono mix captures the live feeling making it close and present. I had the UK stereo (594.003) for some years and it's not the same at all - makes the whole set sound constructed and thereby more distant" -. Just found another UK stereo original and after listening and comparing I have to admit the two-channel mix isn't as bad as I remebered. Don't know if that has to do with playing it on another equipment or me being less categorical, but I actually enjoy the outcome now. Still little bit annoyed by Baker's drums mixed hard right almost all of the time and some of the panning, but it's really pretty cool and more psychedelic than the mono with guitars coming through a lot clearer. Checking a stereo vs. mono discussion on Steve Hoffman - as far as I understand a comparison made from the MFSL two format CD (UDCD 562) - it's about the same conclusions, so I guess that digital conversion corresponds well to the originals. I like getting the guitars more prominent and some of the tracks benefit from a looser atmosphere. Mono on the other hand is better balanced, sounds natural and hits directly. Both have ups and downs making it impossible to choose once and for all, but if I had to (at gunpoint) I'd still stick with the mono. Early US on ATCO in mono and stereo (SD/33-232). First UK had label as shown here and fully laminated cover with rec. number top left on rear. (CÄRÄ*) (CPYC*)

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