lördag 20 december 2014


After Johnny Bode's intitial domestic success with the "Brothel Madam" serie others tried to cash in on the hype by issuing albums with sexual content. This is one exemple (eng. "Brothel Madam's Christmas Carols"). From a combo including Lasse Holm - earlier known as "Larry Moon" in Swedish pop band The Moonlighters and later successful writer and performer of schlagers and dance band music - and Billy Gezon - former member of Jerry William's Violents and after this working with ABBA and Gimmicks. Female vocals by actresses from Stockholm City Theatre - remaining anonymous. The melodies are known christmas carols with specially written lyrics including the whole spectra of sexual slurs and humorous descriptions of christmassy sexual practices. It's well orchestrated and some of it clever, but lacking the feeling and ragged genious of Bode's own work. Even if he was at a downslope and something of a dirty old man at the time, forty year experience as composer and artist together with lyrics expressing his own lecherous mind made it an original piece of art. Maybe not the most delicate, but still original. This is just a reproduction of the procedure and since the instigators obviously lacked true connection to the material, so do I. Most amusing thing with it is the label name "Kondom", exisiting for this and one more issue only. It came in a thin, fully laminated cover. (CXÅ*) (SCÄ*) (ÄXÅH*) (CCÖ*)

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