söndag 28 december 2014


Just listened to the album and I'm so inspired right now, getting flashbacks from smokey gatherings decorated with beads and body paint. Like the former "Days Of Future Passed" it's a concept album and the disposition grandiose, but this time without the orchestra and band members playing all 30+ instruments themselves. Also the theme is a lot broader, covering about everything on the exploring young mind back then - LSD, space travel and Indian religion. Groovy and pretentious, but carried by such great melodies it's impossible not to love. It was the first rock album allowing the mellotrone to take a prominent place. Mike Pinder had worked as a tester of the instrument already in the early sixties and by 1968 probably the most experienced player and developer. I've never been a fan of later synth utility where electronics mimic and substitute real instruments, still totally buy early trials like this when it's used as a device among others. For favorite tracks I'm choosing all of side two. Apart from the quirky yet catchy "The Best Way To Travel" it's almost romantic - filled with alluring melodies and themes blending to a whole. The conclusion "OM" (which is the lost chord btw) may seem borderline ostentatious to a modern listener, but as a final movement it's logical and beautiful. This mono is a fold, not all bad but the stereo comes through a lot better. First US on main Deram label (DES 18017). Premiere UK had label as shown here with large DSS logo and laminated fold/out cover. (MBÅL*) (DÄRR*)

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