onsdag 10 december 2014

ELECTRIC ROCK 71 - IDEE 2000 LBS 83491/92X (-71) GERMANY

German 2-LP sampler with at the time cutting edge rock, kraut and space. Some tracks from acts still widely known - Eric Burdon/War, Hawkwind, Johnny Winter, Canned Heath and Groundhogs. Others by almost forgotten groups like American (psych) rockers "Sweet Pain", "Sugarloaf", "Damnation Of Adam Blessing" and "Sweet Marie". There's also kraut psych from Swiss combo "Krokodil" and German bands "The Can", "Improved Sound Ltd", "Amon Duul II" and "The Petards" and electrorock by "Popol Vuh". It seems the cuts were carefully picked and blended to get the right effect and provide an evenly adventurous yet delectable experience. No need to jump tracks here, once I'm in the listening chair I just get up to turn sides. All numbers are more or less favorites, but to mention a few - Sugarloaf "Tounge In Cheek", The Can "Mushroom", Krokodil "Blue Flashing Circle" and Improved Sound Ltd "Johanna". Audio top notch all the way. It's like a German equivalent to UK Vertigo Annual, taking you on the same kind of exciting trip only with different attendants. To my knowledge this was the only issue. It came with label as shown here and laminated fold/out cover. (GÖXÄ*) (ÄZC*) (SÄM*)

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