lördag 6 december 2014


By the early thirties, after constant touring and recording masses of 78:s for different labels, the tireless Satchmo was becoming an international success and also gathering a fan base among the white public. His special trumpet and vocal style had turned a little more polished since the twenties, but at the same time more personal with a sound that soon became a trademark. Whatever he did and whoever he dit it with he always seemed to be in charge, constantly adapting to the changing zeitgest of the 20th century just by being himself. This compilation consists of ten recordings made 1932-33 with his own orchestra, originally released by US Victor label. All cuts vocal, some with talking intros. Happy times - you can hear a slight adjustment to the more common music scene by song choice, but performance still firmly in a much earlier New Orleans tradition. The instruments seems almost untamed and his singing inimitable when he grunts, slides and sprechstimme to the melodies. There isn't one rapper today even close to his technique or deliverance. Favorite track - the cover of Hoagy Carmichael's "Snowball" with its savage beauty. Audio is tophole - big and strong with a true thirties atmosphere. Don't know of any other issues but this UK. It came with label as shown here and fully laminated cover with crescent flips. (NYFÖ*)(CLÄZ*)

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