söndag 14 december 2014


Probe label emerged as a subsidary of US ABC 1968, intended for the labels psych acts like Soft Machine and Zephyr in America, where it only lasted till 1970. In UK it started with the same agenda, but later mainly used as a channel for US artists and music into Europe and that way surviving up to mid-seventies. This was the label's first sampler, including cuts from LP:s issued 1970. Though I would have liked them to go earlier and show stuff from their more exciting -69 album releases (just imagine a 2-LP set also comprising cuts from Soft Macine, Zephyr, Saint Steven and Frummox) there's enough good music here from nowadays rare LP:s to make it worthwhile. Some of it borderline mainstream, but also outstanding tracks - e.g. both Freedom numbers heavy melodic rock with guitars high in the mix, "Screaming Night Hog" sounds unusually progressive for Steppenwolf and James Gang's "Funk 49" comes with a prominent and very crude rythm guitar in the lead. Listening through it's a good rock album with loud clear audio all over and no need to jump tracks. I would still have prefered a direction towards the label's earlier and more odd releases, but you can't have everything. To my knowledge only issued in UK. First had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (SÄM*)

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