onsdag 17 december 2014

DREAMS S 64203 (-70) UK

If you're a fan of Chicago or Blood Sweat & Tears as they were around 1970, but sometimes had wished for a bit more adveturous outcome - keeping the melodies and attractive vocals while moving ever further towards jazzier realms - this may be right up your sleeve. Combo consisting of jazz/fusion musicians as "Becker Brothers" (of which Randy had been part of the first BS&T setting), salsa trombonist Barry Rogers, Billy Cobham (here between Miles Davies and Mahavishnu) plus later renowned studio musicians Will Lee, Don Grolnick and Bob Mann. According to album liner notes the tracks emerged from organized jamming, growing with each playing, and eventually recorded live in the studio. After reading that you'd expect a loose structure, still part of it comes through very controlled with some almost regular song patterns. The melodies are there and the pleasant vocals, but adding more jazzy trips with a couple of psych interludes. Far from easy listening yet worth it if you manage to get in. I especially like side two with the fifteen minute "Dream Suite" followed by "New York". Premiere US on Columbia (C 30225). CD on Sony/Scorpio (A 28334). First UK had label as shown here, matt cover and cassette ad inner.

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