onsdag 4 november 2015


For more background check earlier post on the UK mono. For a long time that was my only original press entrance to this trailblazer, sounding a lot like a mono promo - radio friendly without any real zest. Been searching the used bins for years trying to find a US first stereo press to get it bigger and more dynamic, but it proves almost impossible to find a top copy in this neck of the woods at a price fitting my wallet. When I discovered this Spanish original at a cheap shop a while ago I bought it for the plum label variation, the heavy unflexible vinyl, the translated titles and cover notes and didn't expect any top audio, but it has exactly the "Gadda" sound I'm looking for. Loud, big and bouncy yet clear and never bursting at the seams. As I don't have any US to compare with at the moment I don't know how they relate, still doubt that can sound very much better. A nice surprise and even if I continue to look for a premiere US press, since it is the only true original, it's not so much for the audio anymore. (ÄTHP*) (SXÖX*)

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