måndag 23 november 2015


"Green River" early became my CCR favorite due to personal circumstances (see earlier post). But honestly not much happened with the band musically between the 1968 debute and their next five albums up to the 1970 "Pendulum". Makes sense - if you have a catchy million dollar sound that keeps selling, why change it? It was an almost perfect meeting between well made selfpenned and covers, simple recordings with garage style backing and attractive vocals, conveyed by direct natural audio. This second album is no exception, also including top hits "Born On The Bayou" and "Proud Mary". Never had a US first press, but kept the UK version almost since first release and always thought that was the most connective - like an invitation to the studio. This Spanish original may not beat that. In comparison to a British Liberty 1st the bass is even more prominent, giving an all over darker sound and slightly different balance. Probably an attempt to make it further more compatible and fitting for the many one-channel equipments still in use there at the time (should play OK even with ordinary mono pick-ups). Sounds rawer and more primitive, like some obscure mid-sixties garage mono, but to my ears fitting the music rather well. Premiere US on Fantasy (8387). First UK on Liberty green/blue label (LBS 83261). Also issued as mono in Australia and a couple of south american countries. First Spanish with label as shown here and fully laminated cover (using original US rear sleeve on both front and back). (SXÖX*) (CÖR*)

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