fredag 27 november 2015


His third studio LP. At release sometimes recieved and even advertised as a Beatles reunion album. And that is how I wanted to hear it back then, loving the fact that all four participated. Not at the same time or tracks...but still. Most of it recorded in Los Angeles with McCartney's part made at Apple Studios in London - as he wasn't let in to US due to former drug charges. In fact the closest you come to The Beatles here is the track "I'm The Greatest", written by Lennon and perfomed by Ringo, John and George assisted by Billy Preston and Klaus Voorman. There's also George participating on three more cuts and Paul on two, but not the same ones. In total three tracks written or co-written by Harrison, one by Lennon and one by McCartney - only coinciding being "Photograph" (Harrison/Starkey). So "Beatles album" only from a very large perspective, still with enough other renowned names to keep up interest. Apart from the already mentioned - Marc Bolan, Harry Nilsson, Nicky Hopkins, Martha Reeves, Bobby Keyes, Merry Clayton and members from The Band. Produced by Richard Perry with additional arrangements by Tom Scott and Jack Nitzsche. It was a big success, charting high on lists all over the world and spawning three million-selling singles - "Photograph", "You're Sixteen" and "Oh My My". Though not challanging in any way, carrying simple melodies with unoffensive lyrics and sometimes less than beautiful vocals, it's so well performed and put together with such stunning audio it's still enjoyable listening and to me very much a feel-good album - warm and cozy. Premiere US on Apple (SWAL-3413). Frequently issued and reissued on vinyl, cassette, 8- track and CD all over the world through the years, with or without bonus tracks. First UK had label as shown here and matt fold/out cover containing a stapled 24 page booklet with lyrics, credits and ten Klaus Voorman drawings. (BÄ*) (ÄPLÄ*) (RYNX*)

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  1. :) "you're sixteen, you're beautiful, and your mine"

    1. Yup sonds good...even when you're pushing 64 :)