fredag 6 november 2015


Today probably most known for her 1964 world wide hit "Downtown" which topped Billboard and reached #2 in UK. But with a singing carreer stretching from 1939 (age seven) up to this day, her first recording released 1949 and the last so far 2013, with a production including over 60 albums and more than 130 singles - where of a part was sung in other languages as French, Italian and German - she's clearly a lot more than a one hit wonder. Add participation in around thirty movies and a couple of TV series plus numerous sold out live performances and you have the longest lasting and one of the most successful British female singing carreers ever. When this was issued she'd already been recording for twentythree years with at least twenty other compilations from all over the world preceding, so I doubt there's any rarity involved. Still it's a nice exposé of her sixties, going from 1961 hits as "Sailor" and "Romeo" to 1969 "Fool On The Hill" and "Hey Jude" covers. Most of the cuts can be described as well performed light pop and schlager. Generally not my music and with all tracks common stuff maybe I shouldn't care. But it is part of my sixties and besides "Downtown" I find the Beatles covers quite interesting (both picks from the "Just Pet" album /Pye NSPL 18325). "Fool On The Hill" can almost be desrcribed as pop psych with part adventurous strings and rather free-spirited vocals and "Hey Jude" dreamy with the long outro, at the end accompanied by a harsh wah-wah guitar some might find annoying but I just think is spicy. All tracks true stereo, bar "Sailor" and "Romeo" as enhanced mono, and the audio very good all through. Record issued for and sold exclusively by Woolworths Supermarkets. It came with label as shown here and laminated cover. (FÄV*) (PÖY*)

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