fredag 13 november 2015


One of many many Motown samplers with late sixties cuts issued at this time. After songwriters Holland-Dozier-Holland left the company due to royalty dispute 1967 I sensed a small detariation in quality, but then unblocked old competence stepped in, new was added and listening to this it seems they came back strong as ever. To be honest I didn't get the copy for the music at first as I already have all songs. Spotting it in a $1 bin at the town market I cherished the pop art cover and orange label and thought it price worthy for design only. But compilation value also has to do with other things, like what tracks put together how and the audio. And from that perspective this is very good. Apart from eternal classics as Marvin Gaye "I Heard It Through The Grapewine", Stevie Wonder "For Once In My Life" and Supremes "Love Child" there are true gems that could need much more present attention, like R. Dean Taylor "Gotta See Jane" and The Temptations "Cloud Nine" plus a couple from acts today almost forgotten by the large public - i.e. Shorty Long and Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers. So it's a top collection of songs with a fair share of rarities and the audio Motown appropriate - strong and soft at the same time exactly as it should. You could argue some of the original stereo mixes aren't of the highest quality, but that's how it was and it's too late for complaints now anyway. To my knowledge only issued in Holland and Germany (blue label STM 1003). First Dutch with label as shown here and thin fully laminated cover. (SÄM*) (TÖMÖ) (HÖLX*)

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