onsdag 25 november 2015


Not the band's own favorite album and certainly not mine of theirs, but at the time very popular with critics and public making it their biggest selling LP in Britain at #7. Gary Thain (1948-75) had been sacked already during rehersals due to drug problems and died shortly after from a heroin overdose. He was replaced by John Wetton (earlier in Family, King Crimson and Roxy Music). You'd think that would bring some new excitement to the group after the rather off "Wonderworld", but no - at least not to my ears. In fact I felt cheated at the time. After hearing the beautiful title track on the radio I ran to the store, expecting more of the same and a return to the atmosphere on "Demons And Wizards" or "Magicians Birthday" for immediate connection. "Prima Donna" and "Shady Lady" are OK rockers, vocals and guitars are excellent throughout, but to me the rest just sounds like another day at work - dutiful, almost uninspired. Disappointed forty years ago, but I still miss it when it's not there. It is a nice cover, the audio very good and "Return To Fantasy" one of the best songs from one of the best seventies bands. I usually go for a lot less so...a keeper it is. Frequently issued and reissued on LP, cassette and CD all over the world through the years. First US on Warner Bros. (BS 2869). Premiere UK had label as shown here with "i" logo below, matt fold/out cover and glossy lyric inner. (ÖRHÄ*)

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