lördag 7 november 2015


Compilation issued by the UK branch of US budget label K-tel. Cheap back then and still today an exemple how one can get more or less original takes of classic recordings on considerably early vinyl for just a buck or two. Going from classic late fifties hits with Coasters and Bobby Darin through sixties Donovan, Byrds, Beach Boys, Troggs and Kinks up to 1968 Zombies and Gary Puckett. Of the twenty tracks only three are mock stereo (sounds more like enhanced mono to me, so OK listening), nine true stereo and eight original mono (for details see track list below). The audio is surprisingly good considering it's a budget compilation with twenty cuts sqeezed in on one LP, maybe not all up there with the original issues but very enjoyable throughout. So when you see it in a used bin next time, just forget about the label's sometimes low-grade reputation or the cheapish sleeve design, and get it for the music. Don't know if this saw any other issue. In that case the first UK had label as shown here and thin glossy cover. (SÄM*)

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