lördag 14 november 2015


Don't know if to call this 10 inch a compilation or just a diminished reissue. It contains their biggest hits, yet all eight cuts were also on the UK debute album so it's either way. You'd think this kind of directly recorded early sixties pop wasn't comme il faut when this was released 1983, but as I remember there was a Joe Meek (1929-67) revival going on among certain groups of collectors at the time, hailing the legendary producer and raising prices for his original offspring, so that's probably the reason for this and that they put his name in the title. The tracks were originally issued on Pye, which was renamed PRT (Precision Records and Tapes) 1980, so what you get here was made from the original tapes through the same label core. Not much to say about the song picks. To my taste some of the best from their first album - especially the hits "Have I The Right" and "That's The Way" - all over very good early British pop. Original mono mixes with audio maybe a little more limited than first issues, but close enough. Good listening bringing tons of memories for us who were there. To my knowledge only issued in UK. It came with label as shown here and glossy cover. (PÖP*) (FÖGÄ*)

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