onsdag 16 november 2016


A blast from the past and reminder of times when guitar groups were hot and their instrumentals topped lists all over the world. The Eagles was a British combo existing 1958-64, not the most famous but with slightly faster and rawer style than for exemple Shadows or Ventures, making them special in an otherwise quite inflexible genre. In 1963 after getting an impressario in rewarded writer/producer Ron Grainer (1922-81) - known for the "Doctor Who" soundtrack and composing music to a large number of British TV-series - they were on the go with a couple of 45:s on the lists, doing a major British tour - where they supported US artists as Stevie Wonder, Del Shannon and Dionne Warwick - and recording this debute LP. 1964 started good with a big selling vocal version of "Wishin And Hopin", but shortly thereafter targedy struck. Ron Grainer went blind thus unable to help them further and drummer Rod Mecham suffered a nervous breakdown and had to leave. The band broke up same year and this debute also became their only album. Track choices are rather common for the genre as converting different kind of standards to guitar rock - e.g. "Sukiyaki", "Hava Nagila" and Exodus". In comparison to more renowned contemporary colleagues less mellow and further towards rock'n'roll. I get the impression of live in the studio recordings not standing back to the others in skill, just more eagerly performed with less adjustments. I especially like the galloping bass supporting "Hava Nagila", the drums in the intrusive "Scarlett O'Hara and the rather weird "The Desperados". Originally also released downunder (Australian on Astor GG-489) and in a couple of Southamerican countries, but not in US. 2001 CD on Myria Records as a 30 track, with about all they ever recorded. Premiere UK had ridged label as shown here and laminated cover. (PÖY*)

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