fredag 4 november 2016


By just checking the title on this double album - "Number ones on Top Ten 1961-74, 32 original songs" - and realising it was about a Swedish now long gone top list, one might think it would be of provincial interest only. Still with track choices in the outskirts of what's commonly considered representative for the period and the fact that most cuts come with original mixes might make it valuable for sixties lovers and sample collectors also in other parts of the world. Curiously when picking 32 out of hundreds of list toppers they avoided the list's most dominant groups - like Beatles, Rolling Stones and Hep Stars - and instead chosed some of the odder entries. Apart from the more common period numbers by Manfred Mann, Honeycombs, Hollies, Kinks and Mungo Jerry, there's also stuff like Russ Convay "Lesson One", Keith West's "Excerpt From A Teenage Opera", Don Partridge "Blue Eyes", Alma Cogan "Tennessee Waltz" and The Dee Jays "Baby Talk". You also get some goodies from Swedish bands as Shanes, Tages, Lee Kings and Hounds. Stereo mixes are - Hollies "Very Last Day", Ola & The Janglers "Let's Dance", Jerry Williams "Keep On", Mungo Jerry "In The Summertime", Buffy Saint-Marie "He's An Indian Cowboy In The Rodeo", Harpo "Sayonara" and Björn Skifs "Workin' In A Coalmine" - the remaining mono. For some reason Kinks "Well Respected Man" is a live version here. Maybe not historically correct, but quite fun. Audio shifts a lot - from rather dull to good radio quality. Not fitting for close listening all through, yet as a whole a very suitable background at parties and for snuggly moments. Pressed in Germany for the Swedish market. This was the only vinyl issue, but all tracks have shown up later on various more comprehensive CD:s if you perefer that. First had label as shown here and glossy fold/out cover. (SÄM*) (SCÄ*) (GÖXÄ*)

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