söndag 6 november 2016


How many Beatles records does a fan really need before he or she is done? Picked this from a used bin a while ago and regreted the purchase already on my way home. Often sold as a "club edition" (printed on rear cover) which usually means some level of rarity, but since originally issued in at least four different countries - Germany, Spain, Sweden and Denmark - I guess not that scarce after all. To my ears a Beatles collection could never be wrong, but the number of original songs are limited and however put together there's no avoiding a collector getting the same cuts over and over again. That said - after listening and getting accostomed I may have to keep it anyway. Audio isn't the best I've heard from a Beatles record, but it includes the 45 "organ" edit of "Let It Be" I didn't have on LP before, the back cover pic is fine and it is on Parlophone "one logo" black/silver which is never a bad thing. I guess there's always something making me wanna have any Beatles record, so for me the answer to the initial question would be - always one more. German and Spanish releases on Odeon. This Danish issue came with a Swedish record in a Danish printed cover of German design, while the Swedish original had a totally different front sleeve. (BÄ*) (CCÖ*) (PÖX*)

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