torsdag 24 november 2016


I keep posting early samplers here containing stuff I heard on radio while growing up in Sweden during the fifties and early sixties. In that context this ten inch may seem somewhat misaligned as it'd relate more to German former radio freaks about my age. But it's not that off for me either. The northern European tastes was quite conformist back then - multilingual artists moved around between markets singing in different languages and the US or UK big hits always struck hard. You couldn't avoid Supremes "Baby Love" or "Honecombs "Have I The Right" wherever you were and even if Acker Bilk's "La Paloma" wasn't high on my list it was played a lot here too. Swedish female vocalists Siw Malmkvist and Ann-Louise Hanson were already big domestically back then, but succeded to get a new fan base abroad by singing in German. Can't say I hold any of the other tracks close in memory, but even if the song choice as a whole may mean more to a German sixties collector it also strikes a chord in this old Swede because of the audio, sleeve design and sheer atmosphere of it all. Released in Germany only and to my knowledge never reissued in any shape. It had label as shown here, thin glossy cover and polylined inner with handeling advice in German, English, French and Spanish. (GÖXÄ*) (SÄM*) (FÄV*)

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