fredag 18 november 2016


Not making a full review here. Don't have to cause this album is totally self-sufficient. A meeting between two worlds - late sixties whimsical British psych and sventies progressive rock. Yet baked together this way with the stories told, the catchy melodies and the performance including Peter Gabriels significant vocals, it's neither psych nor prog, but transcends all contemporary genres and even stands unique in relation to the group's other work. As a singular album it's timeless, uncomparable and my guess is that, together with "Foxtrot", it'll last longest of all Genesis albums. It's been a true friend of mine for over forty years and I know we'll be together till the end. Impossible for me to pick out favorite tracks, but if I feel like having a pleasant adventure "The Musical Box" or "The Return Of The Giant Hogweed" will fit just fine. Frequently issued and reissued through all possible medias. First US on Charisma scroll label (same number). Premiere UK on scroll, still this early "mad hatter" copy also has the original -1U/-2U matrixes and the structured E.J. Day cover. Don't know if that went on a long time or only for a limited number of transitional copies. In any case as it has 1st press matrixes and sleeve I keep it as an original and see no need for update. (CÄX*) (GYÄ*)

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