onsdag 2 november 2016


A big fan in the sixties, but due to a silly misunderstanding avoided everything he did after that. However the 1975 "Metropolitan Man" I picked up a while ago (see previous post) made me change my mind and look for more seventies stuff by the man. To my ears that still had a remaining sixties magic and at least partly the vocal presence I learned to love with albums like "The Price To Play" and "A Price On His Head". Good pop songs in different styles, elaboratedly arranged and some immediately catchy. This is somewhat different. Peeled off and personal, as it seems more aiming for honesty than success. The music is mainly blues, country and ballads. At first listen a misty mood album rather than a hit collection, but if you give it more than one stressed spin and dig a little dig deeper you might find sweet sprinkles in the dust. And even if you don't - just enjoy the keyboard play, vocals or the excellent audio. Favorite tracks - "The Worlds Going Down On Me" and "Leave It All To Me". Album title on this UK copy is confusing. Cover say "Shouts Across The Street" while label has "Glass Mountain". Don't think that was deliberate, probably a misunderstanding by either the cover manufacturer or label printer, or maybe the original title was "Glass Mountain" and then changed somewhere inbetween the makings. Original vinyl issues also in Germany and Japan, but not in US. 2001 CD on Edsel (EDCD 674). Premiere UK had label as shown here and thin matt cover with picture/lyric insert. (ÄNÄ*)

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