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American writer, actress, model, editor, activist and singer who by a combination of stunning looks and multiple talents rocked the British music circuits after moving there 1966. She performed with Alexis Korner and Ferris Wheel, made success as Dionne in Hair and appeared on the poster ads for the musical, but apart from a minor hit with "Walk On Guilded Splinters" never made it on the charts solo. As it seems she had a an interesting dating life in the UK. After a short marriage to Mike Ratledge of Soft Machine for visa purposes, there were also love affairs with Marc Bolan and Mick Jagger (with whom she also had a child 1970 - Karis Jagger). The Rolling Stones hit "Brown Sugar" was based on her and there are references to her in contemporary Bolan compositions. This was the first of only three original solo albums, all issued in the seventies. Containing cuts recorded 1969-71 - "Walk On Guilded Splinters", "Hot Rod Pappa" and "Keep The Customer Satisfied" appeared on 45:s, the rest otherwise unreleased at the time. Session backings included Pete Townshend, Marc Bolan, Ron Wood, Ian McLagan and Kenny Jones. One track produced by Gus Dudgeon, two by Kit Lambert and the remaining by Tony Visconti. Rear cover also has thanks to a certain "George" at Apple Studios (your guess is as good as mine). So you could call it a collection of random recordings separated by time and place, but I'd rather see it together as an early cover album in the same vein as "Pin-Ups" or "These Foolish Things". She does stuff from Dr John, Traffic, Troggs, Dylan, Paul Simon, Supremes, John's Children, Tyrannosaurus Rex and more and it's good. All cuts shaped in a common almost genreless atmosphere somewhere between soul and psych. Audio is great conveying a cozy atmosphere. As a Bolan fan I like "Desdemona", Stacey Grow" and "Hot Rod Pappa" (gender transformed "Hot Rod Mama") best, but the whole record has something magic about it making me wanna listen again and again. Everything above put together - background, participants, track coice and appearence - makes this a true gem and in a way one of a kind. German original vinyl on Polydor (2383-081), reissued 1974 as "Desdemona" on Brunswick (2911 504). 1987 UK CD and vinyl reissues on See For Mile Records (SEE/CD 209) came with "Hippy Gumbo" as bonus track. Premiere UK had label as shown here and thin matt cover. (FÄV*) (TRÄC*)

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  1. That would most likely be George "Porky" Peckham.

    1. Good guess though I see no Porky or Pecky matrix etchings.