torsdag 16 mars 2017


For background check post on their debute - "Child Is Father To The Man". In comparison this second album sounds like from a totally different band. That was an experiment with the blues form and in its way a forerunner to much of the US rock as it developed in the seventies, partly depending on improvisations and coming through with a live feeling rather than elaboratedly produced. This is a lot more eclectic - a mix of jazz, classic music and pop with a fair share of catchy moments. The production is flawless and though including elements then less appreciated by the large public they succeeded to make it highly commerial and a big seller. Either you call it symphonic rock, prog or art rock it was one of the first and also most widely loved in any of those genres. I liked it at first listen and as is my wont early started to look for an enjoyable mono version. Couldn't find any US promo and the UK fold came out too unbalanced for my ears. Then I got this Czech record club issue as part of a trade and it's been my favorite version since. Don't know what those Supraphon guys did, but to me it sounds exactly like a classic UK mono mix. Warm and well separated with prominent bass and perfect balance, good to the ears and suitable for snug moments. To my taste the unique sleeve design also fits the arty impact of the tunes better than the regular. No clue if this particular version was reissued or released elsewhere. In any case the one shown here has to be early. It came on thick unflexible vinyl in a thin matt flip/back cover. (BÅC*)

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