torsdag 23 mars 2017


A band I liked a lot and followed faithfully back then, but as Winwood went to do good with Traffic and sixties UK white soul got run over by hard rock, prog and disco I stopped listening and the LP:s got lost or ended up as fillers. This was their third and last with Winwood. Mainly a cover album, with two of the songs written especially for them by Jamaican artist Jackie Edwards (1938-92) - "Somebody Help Me" and "When I Come Home". To my ears the rest of the album is good white soul though without any remarkable moments, but these two cuts remain as some of the best of its kind from the time and with me as a big part of their legacy. Positive here also the audio is stunning - big and warm bringing an over all cozy feeling and fitting background to peaceful and loving situations...a soothing blanket from the past still working in this day and age. Originally released all over Europe, downunder and in Southamerica. US and Canada had their own agenda, though four of the tracks - "Nobody Loves You When You're Down And Out", "Midnight Special", "Somebody Help Me" and "When I Come Home" - showed up on the 1967 compilation "Gimmie Some Lovin", US on U.A. (UAS 6578/UAL 3578) and Canadian on Stone Records (SX 3701). Japan 2008 CD (Fontana UICY 93688) came with eight bonus tracks. CD version of the US/Canada mono variation on Sundazed (SC 11103) also with eight bonus tracks. Premiere UK had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (TXÄW*)

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