fredag 24 mars 2017


As it is a collection of 45 cuts, most of them previously non-LP in UK, the mono has always been the obvious choice for me since I wanted the original mixes and versions. And because many of them didn't exist in stereo before I expected at least some fakes on this. I needen't have worried. Good news is all tracks here are some kind of true stereo, a couple probably mixed just for the issue. Starting with "I Can't Let Go", "Bus Stop", "We're Through" and "Carrie Ann" done the same way - instruments evenly distributed with all vocals loud to the right - sounding like someone in the studio was under a lot of stress to finish the job and didn't care much about quality. Seriously limping, thus handicapping the outcome and almost taking away the joy from listening. But the rest is more or less all right. E.g. "Jennifer Eccles" and "On A Carousel" are good sixties stereo and though I didn't like the two-channel version of "King Midas In Reverse" before I have to admit now it actually adds something to the mono by better separation. So even if the mono for me as a whole is the best choice for listening and reminiscing, I can enjoy this stereo too - but then for empirical reasons rather than perceptional pleasures. Many variations of Hollies compilations were issued around the world at this time and later enhanced on CD. This UK continued to be reissued into the seventies on black/silver label in both mono and stereo. First had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (HÖLY*) (PÖP*) (PÖX*)

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