fredag 17 mars 2017


At time for release Genesis had almost disappeared from my radar, but as a creature of habit I still bought it, kept it and today occationally even enjoy it. Up to "Wind And Wuthering" and to some extent "...And Then They Were Three..." Genesis had mainly been a true prog band, coss-cutting on the edge, most of the time exciting or at least surprising. This showed a clear change of direction. While still having a few so called progressive parts the whole atmosphere is closer to pop. Softer and more secure, embedded in a synth blanket. Don't know if they consciously aimed for a commercial result and therefore sacrificed cheekier turns, but it sure sounds like it. In any case the new agenda went well with the public. The album got all the way to #1 in UK and #11 in US and the spawned singles did a-ok on both sides of the Atlantic. Though disappointed then I don't dislike it that much today, but now as from another band than the Genesis I used to know and love. That said - it is comfortable listening with a fair share of catchy moments. I like Phil Collins vocals all through and if I manage to ignore the most bombastic synth backing there's also a couple of good melodies to enjoy. Released and reissued on all possible medias over the world through the years. First US on Atlantic (SD 16014). Premiere UK had label as shown here and matt fold/out cover with specially designed "Duke" price tag. (CÄX*) (GYÄ*)

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