tisdag 21 mars 2017


(Started writing about the record following the usual path, but digressed and got lost as I often do when tired. Was about to scrap it and re-write, then I thought - it is me and the way my mind works so why not do an unsanitized version for once.) After long wait I finally found a UK copy of this all time classic with 1st press label. Wanted UK because it was a British band and first because it is a classic. Very happy initially, but after a while the pondering began. Had the second label - still having "grammophone" top left, but an added EMI logo - for ages and been quite content with that. Though there are a couple of more differences - the earlier cover has a deeper blue background and the vinyl is a tiny bit thicker - both copies have the same -2/-1 matrixes and sound exactly the same. It is one of those albums where everything fits - songwriting, vocals, backing, production and audio - molded into something both stunningly hard and very catchy, but I've heard it so much already it has become self-evident and will probably just find its way to the shelf collecting dust (shelf-evident?). So why do I think I need it? Can that simply be explained by some kind of collector's frenzy, or is there in a larger perspective something seriously wrong with me when I keep buying stuff that I know just will satisfy a few senses a short period of time and then forgotten. That kind of madness sure makes me a well functioning part of any capitalist society, but then what? Anyway I am good with this for now, but as there always will be more special issues, mixes and prints I just must have I'm probably trapped in the race forever. That said I know there are worse traps. At least this one I can live with and most of the time enjoy. (DHÄ*) (HÄVL*)

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