tisdag 28 mars 2017


Don't know if to call this a forgotten gem. In any case it's sad the album isn't mentioned more or regarded higher among guitar afficionados today. Counting together feeling, presence and skill it is one of the better guitar blues efforts of its time, or of any time for that matter. Though as an albino being the whitest of all white blues stars Johnny Winter (1944-2014) was deep into the black from an early age. He grew up watching performances by BB King, Bobby Bland and Roy Head and sometimes invited to sit in and play, thus getting it right from the start. After a less successful debute LP - "The Progressive Blues Experiment" on Sonobeat Records (RS 1002) - he got a contract with US Columbia and recorded this eponymous second, backed by Willie Dixon, Walter Horton and brother Edgar among others. Not sure exactly what went on in the studio, but it must have been magic back then...mojo leaking into my vinyl world as I'm listening right now - guitar and backing together causing a pleasant stirr in the gut making my mouth water for doing it again and again till I can't take anymore. So filled with that rare blend of outmost skill and feeling you wanna be there and never leave. On such high level it seems silly to nominate favorite tracks, but "Be Careful With A Fool" has it all. If you haven't heard that already - go Youtube and listen to the studio version and you'll understand. Premiere US on Columbia 360 label (CS 9826). This UK mono is with all certainty a fold, but so strong and well balanced I couldn't ask for more. It came with label as shown here and thin laminated cover. (YMÖ*)

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